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Commercial Litigation

As business ventures and trading conditions have become more complex, commercial disputes are on the rise and for many businesses, litigation is an unavoidable part of operations. Known for his assertive style and ability to formulate bespoke solutions, Mario Montana Solicitors advises corporate commercial and private clientele on a wide range of disputes.

Contracts are an intrinsic part of the business world- whether you are a private individual, a vendor, or a corporate entity, much of our expectations when it comes to business are governed by contracts. As a result of this, there are inevitable breaches and other issues that require an experienced lawyer to intervene.

Whilst some cases can be settled amicably out of court, there are cases where this is not always possible and advocacy in a court of law is the only viable course of action. Mario Montana Solicitors is available to review all contracts and additional documentation and then advise of the best steps to take in order to enforce the terms and conditions of a contract or seek redress where appropriate.

Property disputes can encompass a wide range of issues such as breach of covenants in a lease, condition of the property, dispute over services charges, and subletting commercial or residential property without the landlord’s consent. Other matters that require legal intervention include boundary disputes, rights of way, planning, restrictive covenants, land development agreements and essentially any dispute where property is at the apex of the matter.

Commercial Property Law

The commercial real estate industry is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of property users and investors. As a result, stakeholders need someone with both extensive legal knowledge, and an in-depth understanding of the local real estate markets to help them reach their optimum goal.

Mario Montana Solicitors has extensive experience in Commercial Property Law, in particular managing clients who wish to have an interest in a commercial property such as an office, bar, restaurant, nightclub, industrial unit, or warehouse. Mario Montana Solicitors also has a strong practice in buying and selling property at auction and acting for developers who need a speedy legal service to match their timetable.

Specialist assistance can also be given to bridging finance matters, in particular instances where clients need to arrange security for loans over commercial and/or residential properties. Whilst bridging finance solicitors are not authorised to provide advice on bridging finance specifically, they are required by many lenders to advise the borrower or security provider on matters concerning any guarantee that is required or offered- Mario Montana Solicitors can assist in cases such as these.

With over 20 years of experience in facilitating transactions where real estate is at the apex, Mario Montana Solicitors is well placed to advise developers, owners, tenants, private and institutional investors, corporates, and lenders on how to navigate the complexities of the legal position they find themselves in. Clients trust Mario Montana Solicitors to fully manage the transaction, as well as to provide complete synchronicity between commercial knowledge and legal experience.

Family Law

Family law can be sensitive at times and requires, not only someone that has knowledge of the law but also somebody that has the tenacity to deal with matters expertly efficiently and effectively.

Mario Montana Solicitors is are on hand to provide advice on a range of matters such as prenuptial agreements, division of assets, custody arrangements, and the drafting of any and all required documents. Whatever the family law matter, with Mario Montana Solicitors on your side can make vital differences to your current and future situation.

Whether you need to decide and formalise the allocation of matrimonial assets between parties prior to marriage or before divorce, are trying to agree on child maintenance amounts for a child and spouse, or are just seeking general advice before you make a decision, Mario Montana Solicitors is on hand to assist.

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